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Keeping Carnivores, Connectivity, and Culture Intact in Mesoamerica’s Moskitia
by John Polisar
Saving Mesoamerica's natural wonders will depend on reducing the tide of deforestation and implementing conservation solutions that protect vital connections for jaguars and peccaries and the forests they call home.
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A Sustainable Plan for Ontario’s Ring of Fire
by Cheryl Chetkiewicz, Justina Ray, Richard Lindgren
Now that Ontario's provincial government has been sworn in, the challenge will be to ensure that First Nations’ values, interests and rights are not compromised by development in the Ring of Fire area.
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National Zookeeper Week Reminds Me What It’s All About
by Lisa Walker
“It is imperative that we use every opportunity we can to inspire visitors to appreciate wildlife and their natural habitats," writes Lisa Walker, senior wild animal keeper in the Bronx Zoo Ornithology Department.
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Mapping the Critical Role of Indigenous Peoples in Global Conservation
by James Watson, Stephen Garnett
Conservationists increasingly view Indigenous Peoples as allies to conservation and vice-versa, with Indigenous Peoples perceiving conservation practitioners as sharing values and principles similar to their own.
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Fulfilling a Promise
by Cristián Samper
We must improve management and monitoring in protected areas. Our experience tells us that it is possible to protect critical ecosystems from unsustainable development.
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A Global SMART Approach to Improving Management of Marine Protected Areas
by Drew Cronin, Kate Holmes
In a new commentary, WCS's Drew Cronin and Kate Holmes write that use of SMART technology has resulted in the identification of high priority enforcement areas more likely to detect illicit fishing activity.
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In the Land of the Wolverine
by Tom Glass, Peter Mather
We're drawn to wolverines because they remind us of ourselves: at home in rugged landscapes; requiring ample terrain; climbing peaks for the heck of it. We love this animal because we love the wild places that define it."
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In Montana, a Shared Vision for Sustainable Conservation
by Kris Inman
Working in the Rockies for 2 decades, WCS's Kris Inman has seen how ranchers and conservationists have worked cooperatively to recover some our most iconic and controversial wildlife—the grizzly bear and wolf.
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A Momentous Decision on Elephant Ivory Falls to Europe
by Catherine Novelli
China and the UK have joined the US in closing their domestic ivory markets. It is now time for the EU to follow in their footsteps if we are to give Africa’s elephants a fighting chance, argues Catherine Novelli.
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Technology Can Help Pick Up the Pace to Protect Coral Reefs
by Emily Darling
On World Oceans Day we recognize the mounting threats facing our planet’s oceans and the need for new partners to find new and enduring solutions for ocean conservation. One of those partners is Silicon Valley.
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This Wily Wolverine Threw Scientists for a Loop
by Martin Robards, Tom Glass
In an op-ed for Live Science, the WCS Arctic Beringia program's Martin Robards and Tom Glass document the story of Seamus, a wolverine who appears to have gotten himself deliberately trapped for a few free meals.
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Searching for Wolverines in a Vast Northern Wilderness
by Justina Ray
A seven-year effort to survey the elusive wolverine in the province of Ontario has provided us with a much clearer picture of how this threatened species is faring in its easternmost North American outpost.
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A Warning About the Rapid Erosion of Nature’s Strongholds
by James Watson, Sean Maxwell, and Kendall Jones
WCS's James Watson and two colleagues describe their recent finding that one-third of the world's protected areas are not presently serving the conservation mission for which they were established.
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Say Goodbye to Plastic Straws
by John Calvelli, Rafael Espinal, Adrian Grenier
WCS's John Calvelli joins New York City Council Member Rafael Espinal and actor-environmental advocate Adrian Grenier and in an op-ed calling for an end to single use plastic straws in New York City.
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The Bipartisan Solution for Saving Sharks
by John Calvelli
In an op-ed for The Hill, WCS's John Calvelli explains how the Sustainable Shark Fisheries and Trade Act would extend effective U.S. conservation standards to the rest of the world.
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A Second Chance for Our Environment, Let's Not Waste It
by Melvin Gumal
In Malaysia, writes WCS's Melvin Gumal, we need to be living in an environment that enables us to breathe clear air, swim in clean waters, and gaze at unbroken nature that helps us spiritually to be truly alive and whole.
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Will a Warming Planet Spell the Silence of the Eiders?
by Rebecca Bentzen
With local and regional partners, WCS Beringia's Rebecca Bentzen is striving to understand how changes in the Arctic climate are impacting eiders and working to identify opportunities to mitigate adverse impacts.
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Birds, Birds, and More Birds: A Migration Moment Like No Other
by Hilary Cooke
On World Migratory Bird Day, WCS Canada's Hilary Cooke describes how, for a brief moment in May, a small section of Yukon’s Tintina Trench becomes a biodiversity hot spot.
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Culture and Arts Funding Pays Off for NYC
by John Calvelli, Andrea Louie
WCS Exec Vice President for Public Affairs John Calvelli joins Andrea Louie, his co-chair at New Yorkers for Arts & Culture, to highlight the critical place of culture in NYC for an op-ed in the New York Daily News.
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Protecting Whales in an Ice-Free Arctic
by Brad Cundiff
Researchers studying the impact of ship traffic and noise on whales in the eastern Beaufort Sea believe reducing vessel speed could be an effective tool for preventing whale distress and lowering the risk of collisions.
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Half of Western Lowland Gorillas May Vanish by 2040. Here's How We Can Prevent That
by Fiona Maisels, Samantha Strindberg, Liz Williamson
It is worth fighting for secure and thriving populations of great apes: the heart-stopping charge of a silverback gorilla, a young chimp practicing chest pounding. But for a few flips in the switches of evolution, they could be us.
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We Neglect the One Planet We’ve Got at Our Own Peril
by Rob Wallace
Our ability to conserve biodiversity and combat climate change depends greatly on the world’s indigenous people. As Houston’s long recovery from Harvey continues, we neglect their wisdom at our peril.
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When a Bat Sees Its Shadow: How Winter Length Can Effect Bat Survival
by Katie Haase
WCS's Katie Haase and her colleagues are demonstrating how models to predict fat burn during bat hibernation can also shed light on the impact of White Nose Syndrome on North American bat species.
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The Sea That Never Sleeps
by Noah Chesnin, Rebecca Kusa
With the combined efforts of the NY Aquarium and local partners, we are optimistic that ocean planning will help ensure that the sea that never sleeps will remain a vibrant, biodiverse economic center long into the future.
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