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May 28 - Traffickers Busted in Indonesia, Whale Sharks Released Back to the Wild

The arrest of whale shark traffickers is a testament to the dedication of the Indonesian government and the WCS Wildlife Crimes Unit in combating illegal trade in Indonesia’s marine megafauna.

May 26 - In Praise of the (Other) Great Spring Migration

While the migratory movement of birds into the New York region is well known and enjoyed by thousands of nature lovers, another migration is underway beneath the surface of our coastal waters.

May 20 - Protect Myanmar's Marine Resources from Being Pillaged to Point of No Return

Myanmar’s new government faces many challenges, but if it wishes to develop the economy while increasing livelihood options for millions of rural people, it must address the hidden problems of the country’s oceans.

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The Wonders of the WCS NY Aquarium: An Ongoing Picture Blog

May 13, 2016

Ocean Wonders: Sharks! will feature a shipwreck exhibit that will be home to sharks and other large predators and fish that can be found in NYC waters and local shipwrecks. The above photo shows the progress of the exhibit, highlighting base and support structures that will eventually turn into a replica of a hulking shipwreck. Shipwrecks in the ocean not only embody the deep maritime history of our local waters, but also serve as aggregators of marine life, providing shelter and food for many kinds of fish. Photo: Ray Davis

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